Mamagoto Bar Nibbles

Bar Nibbles

  • prawn cracker in jawa sambal dip
  • home made mama's peanuts
  • potato wedges with chilli mayo
  • robata grill sticks
  • chicken stick platter
    (2pcs indonesian / 2pcs yakitori / 2 pcs satay)
  • veg platter
    2 mushroom / 2 asparagus


  • kiwi + mint collins
    freshly muddled kiwi w/ mint+lime, topped w/ soda
  • cranberry + kaffir lime punch
    kaffir lime leaves mixed w/ lime wedges + cranberry juice
  • lemon zest + mint lemonade
    blended zest of lemons w/ fresh mint + topped w/ lime soda
  • passion fruit + orange cooler
    fresh pulpy passion fruit mixed w/ citrus flavours, served ice cold
  • blue berry Cooler
    fresh berries blended w/lime & sugar top up w/ soda
  • hawaiian beach comber
    tropical flavor of pineapple & fruit burst into the palette along w/ orange juice & soda
  • wasabi mary
    virgin bloody mary given life with wasabi
  • virgin mojito
  • cucumber mint mix
    cold cucumber muddles with grounded mint leaves and a touch of black salt,finished with soda and lemonade
  • watermelon beach
    fresh watermelon mixed with mint and lime to provide for a classic summer special
  • refreshing natural ice teas
    easy peezy strawbereezy blood orange cranberry citrus tangerina
  • aerated drinks
  • packaged juice
  • mineral water
  • digestive tea(one pot) jasmine/chamomile/darjeeling/green


  • cinnamon whiskey story
    jack daniels infused w/ cinnamon essence & shaken w/orange + sugar
  • bangkok g&t
    frozen gordon's gin & tonic given a kick w/ the leaves of kaffir lime
  • watermelon vodka martini
    watermelon puree with lime juice + a dose of smirnoff vodka shaken and served cold
  • green apple mojito
    green apple essence +mint take on rum + lime in our flavourful variation of this classic cocktail
  • guavagoto
    fresh guava juice, smirnoff vodka , & lemon juice shaken & served with fresh guava chunks
  • with love from mama (ginger & honey)
    fresh ginger , Dark rum lemon juice & honey shaken & served with fresh ginger chunks
  • classic margarita
    fresh lime blended w/h a dose of camino silver tequila, lemon, triple sec + served on the rocks
  • easy peezy strawbereezy
    strawberry and kiwi infused tea shaken with ice and vodka
  • pomegranate martini
    naturally pressed fresh pomegranate juice mixed with either smirnoff vodka or gordon's gin and shaken with our sweet and sour mix
  • your choice of mocktails into cocktails
  • home made infusions
    we are taking gin, vodka and tequila and infusing them naturally. none of that factory made synthetic flavour; it's all done in-house - its more fresh, more mamagoto. try them
  • thyme and elderflower martini
    thyme infused house gin, with elderflower essence, shaken with lime. very smooth. drink it as a martini or on the rocks
  • dark juniper cooler
    juniper berries infused vodka goes head on with natural blueberry puree, sugar and lime. served tall and ice cold with a strong bloody red velvet colour
  • vanilla passion
    an oxymoron. How can passion be vanilla? It can. homemade vanilla pod infused vodka with passion fruit extract white chocolate, sugar and lime. shaken and poured tall over ice
  • strange fruit
    freshly bashed chunky pineapple, elderflower essence, lime, pineapple juice, kicked with vodka
  • mexican confusion
    kaffir lime infused tequila and shaken with lychee juice, lime, served on the rocks
  • for more discerning drinkers who are adventurous and intrigued by the joy of infusion, have our infused spirits on the rocks. choose a 30ml shot over ice for of any of the following.
  • thyme infused gin
  • kaffir lime infused tequila
  • juniper berry vodka infusion
  • vanilla pod infused vodka

Cutting Edge Creations

  • mama gymkhana
    honey, fresh ginger, hazelnut essence and orange juice mixed with blended Scotch. rather splendid
  • the botanist
    london gin, light coriander, muddled cucumber with sugar and lime. Rewarding and cool
  • oriental pop
    basil leaves muddled and balanced with white chocolate, white rum, sugar and lime
  • ohjay
    cinnamon essence, spiced rum, orange juice, squeezed orange chunks and lime
  • passion fruit mojito
    the classic cuban of mint, lime chunks, sugar and rum gets a tropical makeover with passion fruit


  • the mamakaze
    triplesec, vodka and lime
  • gin on it
    crisp gin, orange juice, passion fruit
  • gonzo
    green apple, lime, vodka and triple sec


the mamagoto sangria bar – whats your flavour
choose any of these breezy sangrias as a glass or a pitcher ( serves three ), all are available in red or white wine

  • orange and passion fruit
    a dose of vodka gives this tropical sangria a great boost
  • green apple and cinnamon
    wine laced with vodka and sliced green apples with a hint of cinnamon
  • classic pomergranate
    vodka, pomegranate soaked into wine
  • mojito/margarita/daiquiri pitchers
    classic lime/ passion fruit / red currant / blueberry