Small Plates

Mamagoto Small Plates



  • Crispy lotus stem
    With burnt garlic and dried red chilli
  • vegetable basil cups
    stuffed w/ vegetables & served w/ a chilli black bean jam
  • crispy chilli potato
    Scallions, bell peppers, chinese spices


  • hot basil chicken cups
    lettuce, bird's eye chilli, crushed pepper
  • honey chicken with bell peppers + mild schezwan pepper
  • classic chicken wings
    Wok tossed with a chinese "pepper salt" seasoning



  • water chestnut spring roll
    Stuffed with vegetables & served with a chilli black bean jam
  • thai crispy vegetables
    With a home made tangy lime and chilli based dressing
  • bite size corn fritter balls
    Served with a firecracker oriental salsa
  • mixed vegetable tempura
    Seasonal vegetables along with a mamagoto dipping sauce
  • hua hin highway rolls
    Perfumed with galangal lemon grass, crispy asparagus rolls done with a bit of cheese served with a mama dip

Fish/Sea Food

  • rock shrimp tempura
    With homemade chilli mayo + ponzu pepper powder
  • spicy fried calamari
    Ponzu pepper batter, finely cut green chilli and a wedge of lime
  • prawn tempura
    Served with mamagoto dipping sauce and schezwan chilli sauce
  • shrimps with dry red chilli + burnt garlic


  • traditional crispy lamb with spring onion and bell peppers


  • beach shack soya garlic robata marinade assorted mushroom
    Served on a bed of garlic butter udon noodles
  • asparagus
    Sweet soya sauce, black and white sesame on the bed of udon noodles


  • Indonesian grilled chicken with corriander / peanut dip
  • street chicken satay with peanut sauce (4 skewers)
  • spiced asian BBQ chicken breast

Fish / Sea Food

  • grilled fish with south east asian dressing
    Grilled fish fillet with a light sauce made up of lime,red chilli and a little coriander
  • java grilled fish in red hot sambal 'salsa'
    Fish fillet marinated with red chillies and garlic paste,grilled in a banana leaf wrap and served along side a mould of sticky rice
  • hunan grilled fish
    Red chilli , chinese wine and soy marinated Fish fillet with sticky rice and spinach + sesame salad
  • prawns wrapped in bacon
    Prepared on our robata grill, prawns marinated with sesame and japanese spices wrapped in bacon to provide for a smokey aroma
  • beach shack soya garlic robata marinade prawns
    Served on a bed of garlic butter udon noodles


  • imported pork spare ribs
    Secret smokey glaze served with vegetable sticky rice and gomai slad , japanese flavours
  • imported lamb chops
    Spicy korean marination served with vegetable sticky rice and gomai salad , ginger garlic



  • Street Style Spicy Dumpling
    Minced vegetable steamed and served with a hot street style red chilli and chinese vinegar sauce.
  • Traditional Peking Dumpling
    Steamed vegetable dumplings dipped in soy and red chillies.
  • Jungle Dumpling
    Chive infused vegetable dumplings, topped with ginger, mint & soy sauce.
  • Old School Gyoza
    Lightly pan fried vegetable dumplings with a spicy "momo" sauce.
  • Fried Spinach and Tofu in Miso Sauce
    Sweet sesame glaze with miso essence, served steamed


  • Street Style Spicy Dumpling
    Minced chicken steamed and served with a hot street style red chilli and chinese vinegar sauce.
  • Traditional Peking Dumpling
    Steamed chicken dumplings dipped in soy and red chillies.
  • Old School Gyoza
    Lightly pan fried chicken dumplings with a spicy "momo" sauce.

Sea Food

  • Street Style Spicy Dumpling
    Minced shrimp steamed and served with a hot street style red chilli and chinese vinegar sauce.
  • Jungle Dumpling
    Chive infused shrimp dumplings, topped with ginger, mint & soy sauce.

Soups & Salads

Mamagoto Soups



  • Tom Yum Veg
  • Chinese Sour and Pepper
    Soup With 22 Ingredients! Veg
  • Oriental Clear Vegetables Soup
    With garlic, pakchoi and snow peas
  • Sweet Corn Soup Veg


  • Tom Yum Chicken
  • Chinese Sour and Pepper
    Soup With 22 Ingredients! Chicken
  • Oriental Clear Chicken Soup
    With garlic, pakchoi and snow peas
  • Sweet Corn Soup Chicken


  • Beijing Seafood Soup
    Garlic infused with a thick texture with fish + prawn
  • Tom Yum prawn


Mamagoto Salads


  • Snow Peas & Green Bean Salad
    Thai coconut milk reduction, burnt garlic + onion, peanuts
  • Som Tam Salad
    Raw papaya salad with a tangy thai dressing
  • Gomai Salad
    Blanched spinach, sake and white sesame dressing


  • Thai Chicken and Water Chestnut Salad
    With red chilli strips, kaffir lime, lemongrass + coconut


Mamagoto Signature Bowls "OUR INNOVATION"
All Signature bowls are recommended


  • soggy thai basil fried rice
    (veg / chicken)
    Also available with sticky rice
  • fiery thai shrimp fried rice with asian green chilli chicken ribbons
    An exotic signature with thai spicy rice and the flavours of sea food, served with salad fried chicken ribbons and garnished with fried egg
  • schezwan pepper chicken rice
    seasoned pakchoi and grilled chicken strips served on schezwan pepper scented rice, served dry
  • teriyaki meal in a bowl
    We've come up with a great combination - fried sticky rice (with egg or vegetables) along with wok tossed thinly cut lamb or tofu with winter ginger, spring onions, onion and garlic (this dish is slightly sweet)
  • spicy bangkok bowl
    ( veg / chicken)
    similar to the bai ka pao we replace pork with chicken or vegetable mix thai spices and herbs over garlic & chilli fried stickyrice or jasmine rice , garnished with boiled egg or potato wedges served with chopped red chilli and lemon wedges
  • street vendor's panang curry bowl
    ( mixed vegetables/chicken/prawn )
    Curry with peanuts served with sticky rice
  • smoky bbq pork belly bowl
    Robata treated skewers of pork belly with leeks and a chinese flavoured BBQ sauce , served with sticky fried rice, pok choy and baby corn stir fry , finished with a fried egg and served with red chilli oil & extra BBQ sauce.
  • mamagoto goreng
    Nasi goreng inspiration with sambal and peanut sauce, chicken satay skewers and fried egg.
  • lamb sticky rice
    Topped with ginger and spring onions


  • hot china bowl
    ( veg / chicken )
    glass noodles in a chilli hot home style broth along with street dumplings and green beans served with schezwan chilli oil and asian pickles
  • chiang mai train station noodles
    ( veg / chicken / shrimp )
    Coconut milk, burnt onion and garlic, "khao-suey" style
  • a thai lost in hunan
    Spicy thai lamb with a red curry flavour served on pad thai noodles
  • stir fried udon noodles
    ( vegetables / chicken / prawn )
  • soho pan fried noodles
    ( vegetables / chicken / shrimps )
    Fragrant black beans tossed in the wok
  • mamagoto's chicken broth for the hungry soul
    Light, simple and wholesome with chicken, pakchoi, vermicelli noodles and veggies along with 3 fried chicken wontons. served with an oriental salsa on the side

Wok Curries

Mamagoto Wok and Curries


  • straight up beans
    Long beans stir fried with chinese galic, red chilles and yellow bean paste
  • Stir Fried Pakchoi and Water Chestnut With Bamboo Shoot and Cashew Nuts
  • Stir Fried Greens Thai Style
    Asparagus, broccoli & snow peas wok tossed with galangal & thai herbs
  • Stir Fried Vegetables With Burnt Garlic
  • Mixed Vegetables and Tofu With Schezwan Sauce
  • Mixed Vegetables wok Tossed in HoiSin Sauce With Garlic
  • Mixed Vegetables Black Bean Sauce
  • Mixed Vegetables and Tofu in a Malaysian Influenced Peanut Sauce


  • Chicken With Garlic and Star Aniseed Aroma With Crispy Spinach
  • Wan Chai Midnight Chicken
    (0ur version of kung pao)
  • Stir Fried Chicken With Thai Flavors and Thai Spices
  • Chicken W/Bamboo Shoot Schezwan Sauce
    Sczechwan pepper ginger dried red chillies and spring onion in a light gravy
  • Sliced Chicken in Black Bean Sauce and Mushroom


  • Crispy Fish Fillet in a Spicy Black Pepper Sauce
  • Steamed Fish With Chilli Oyster Sauce and Spring Onions
  • Steamed Fish With Thai Herbs Prawn/Shrimp in Lime and Chilli Sauce
  • Prawn/shrimp With Sweet Soya Sauce Along With Burnt and Fresh Red Chillies
  • Prawn/shrimp With Ground Pepper, Fried Basil and Preserved Garlic


  • Lamb With Chilli and HoiSin Sauce
  • China Town Double Cooked Pork Ribs
    Five spice powder infused pork ribs wok tossed and softened in its own aromatic juice


  • thai red curry
  • thai green curry


  • thai red curry
  • thai green curry
(all curries recommended with sticky rice)

Noodles Rice

Mamagoto Noodles and Rice


  • hawker's noodles (pad thai)
    ( tofu / egg / chicken )
    With bean sprouts, spring onion, red-chilli flakes + peanuts
  • pan fried noodles with choice of cantonese sauce or singapore style chilli sauce (veg/chicken)
  • hakka noodles
    ( veg / egg / chicken )
  • stir fried udon noodles with lemon/butter/garlic
    ( veg / chicken )


  • fried rice
    ( vegetable / egg / chicken )
  • sticky fried rice
    ( veg / egg / chicken )
  • plain sticky rice
    ( Recommended with curries )
  • steamed rice


mamagoto Desserts
  • homemade "american style" - chunky caramel sponge cake with toffee sauce served warm with vanilla ice cream
  • banoffee pie (eggless)
    classic mix of fresh whipped cream, caramel and banana along with cookie dust
  • mama's homemade chocolate cake
  • crunchy nutella mousse
  • choco walnut fudge in a cup with ice-cream (eggless)
  • carrot cake with sprinkles of cinnamon & nutmeg
  • homemade coconut and palm sugar ice cream